Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Favourites

You best get a cup of tea ready, this is going to be a long one!
So lets cut to the chase already.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

I have been a big fan of the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil for quite sometime, however it is totally impractical when it comes to travelling. It leaks like crazy when not stood upright! 
Logic told me that the butter version would be better as I would be travelling back and forth to University over the coming months. 
When going to repurchase the cleansing oil, I spotted a bargain bag made up of the cleansing oil, the butter, the eye makeup remover and a muslin cloth all for £23 when it was worth £32! Plus I got my student discount on top! Bargain!

I'm in love with this product! A little goes a long way and it removes makeup effortlessly. I use it along with a muslin cloth from Liz Earle and I find it simply melts away dirt and impurities. There is no sticky residue left on the skin and I will certainly be repurchasing when I hit pan!

For many years I have been using The Body Shop's lip balms. I remember being around 7 years old and repeated asking my mum to borrow hers. Eventually she began tired and bought me my own. It was a strawberry one and I treasured it. Over time I have seen the packaging change and I'm pretty sure if I look hard enough in my collection I will have at least 5 different packagings. However, most importantly, the formula has stayed the same. My current favourite is the raspberry flavour, but I think I have every flavour they offer. 
They leave my lips soft and hydrated and the majority of them have a slight tint which means theres no need for a lipgloss! 
And at a bargain £2, what could go wrong?

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This was my first ever foundation brush. I bought it over a year ago and for months it was a staple in my everyday makeup routine. At some point at the start of the year, I for some strange reason reverted back to using my fingers (maybe because I hate cleaning my brushes). But I recently dug it back out and would never dream of abandoning it again! It's bristles are so dense and soft they leave my foundation looking flawless and not cakey.
It is a high quality brush at a high street price! A must have for ANY beauty fanatic.     

Essie Nail Lacquer - Watermelon
I bought this nail polish last year and it was the first I had bought from Essie. Little did I know it was to revolutionise the way I thought about nail polish. 
I had always hated doing my nails, they always looked messy and like a 5 year old had painted them with a blindfold on. But the thick brush covers your nail with a single sweep so theres no need for multiple strokes. 
Aswell as the colour, the formula is beautiful too. It lasts me a week before it starts to chip. Especially with my handy little tip for making your nail polish last longer.

Essie Nail Lacquer - Bikini So Teeny
This polish was a cult product among beauty bloggers last year and at the time I kept saying I will buy it, although every time I went out, I walked straight past it. 
A couple of months ago I went to the Essie stand in Boots looking to buy a nail polish to wear for a special occasion and this one caught my eye immediately. I only noticed it was my long desired shade once I had paid for it and got it home. I was delighted! It was finally mine!
It has a slight shimmer to it making it perfect for the last few glimpses of summer when the light catches it.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Fair
I have always had a love/hate relationship with concealer. I can't get away without it but it never seems to sit right on my skin. That was until I tried this. 
I had heard it was a good dupe for the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot. And being a student with a limited budget meant this product wasn't going to break the bank. 
It's a travel-friendly pot that combines three key steps to a flawless base.

Topshop Lipstick - Ditsy
Remember when Zoella used to rave about the Topshop lipsticks? Well I do. I went out and bought about half a dozen upon her word! 
This one comes out every summer and I love it! It's described as being a hot coral and it certainly is. It looks great with a tan! (Not that I tan of course..) 
The formulation is spot on and up there with the likes of MAC (and I believe they are made by the same company?). They have a really creamy formula with an amazing colour payoff.

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl - Black
Now until buying this I hadn't worn kohl eyeliner since my 'emo' phase when I was about 13. But thought I'd try it out for lining my upper waterline. 
The pigmentation and texture is incredible and it definitely rivals anything you'll find from a high-end brand. The soft almost velvet like texture means it can be easily blended to create the perfect smokey eye! And to top it off the staying power is amazing!

St Christopher Necklace
I bought this necklace from Accessorize in June and have worn it nearly everyday since. It is so me! It comes on a long chain and falls in the middle of my stomach. When finding a link for you to purchase it, I could no longer find the gold version that I have, but I have left a link for the silver version which is just as nice!

What have you been enjoying this month?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wardrobe Essentials

Nanette ballerinas from Kurt Geiger

As much as I love shopping, I never seem to spot any shoes that I like, and if I do, they don't feel right. 
I've ordered various pairs from ASOS that look nice, but when I get them they just don't fit properly. 

Now I found myself looking at shoes from expensive designers such as Christian Louboutin and I stumbled across these from Kurt Geiger. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price. They were only £28!! I was expecting ten times that! Bonus!

They are available in black and a cream colour, but my pale skin makes it hard for me to wear pale colours (cries), but I would have probably ordered the black anyway as they are more wearable. 
They seem to be made to an extremely high standard and look so much more expensive than they are! 

These aren't going to be for everyday wear, so I have an excuse to buy more shoes that I can wear everyday!

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Friday, 26 September 2014

The Addiction Grows

As we all know that I have an addiction to Cath Kidston. What normal person doesn't? But recently my collection has grown. 

I am incredibly fussy when it comes bedding, and I spent absolutely ages looking for my University bedding. 
I had been eying up nearly all the bedding from Cath Kidston, and the only other nice ones I found were from Urban Outfitters (this and this). They ended up being just as expensive as Cath Kidston, and my weakness for her things meant it wasn't a hard decision choosing which to buy. 
I chose the Blue Spot bedding because it was beautiful and I already had the throw it was displayed with because I am a true addict.

I am also fussy when it comes to pencil cases. They have to be a certain shape and have a nice floral pattern. This was THE only one I could find so I clearly had to have it!

Eventually, when I get my own house (which is clearly quite some time away), I want to have all odd Cath Kidston mugs. I made the spontaneous decision to buy my first there and then. 

Hey, also if you are reading Cath - I think I have bought enough over the years to deserve some freebies? ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Monday, 22 September 2014

Summer Snapshots

Summer has officially ended now, although it feels like it ended long long ago. Even though the nights are drawing in and theres a chill in the air, Im still not ready to let go just yet. 

This year's summer has been jam-packed full of amazing events and  important milestones of my life's journey and I feel as though this may be the most special summer I have had, and will probably ever have in my entire life. 

Over the last few months I have celebrated my 18th birthday, passed my driving test, graduated from sixth form, got into university and opened a lot of doors for myself. 
And whilst all these amazing things are happening, I can't help but feel that I am leaving things behind. 
I have been at the same school/college for 7 years and it will feel strange to leave the people and places I have been surrounded by ever since I was 11 years old. 

I started this blog during the summer as a little project for myself and I am so glad I did. 
 I may not have many followers but it's a little space on the internet I can call my own. Share my silly ramblings and treat it like my special little diary. 

Below are some of the photographs I have taken over the summer. 
I have printed them and put them in an album so whenever I feel sad or lonely, I can look at them and know that there are people who support me, love me and will always be there. 

Tell me about your most special memory of summer.

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Face Of The Day

Hi everyone! I thought I'd try something different today and do a face of the day!
It is one of my best friends' 19th birthday today so we are going out tonight to celebrate. Plus, its my last night at home before I move to University! Arggg so much to do!

Here is the look!
Here are the products I used!
I have been testing the new Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation lately and been loving the fact that is more high coverage yet still looks so natural on the skin. I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff it into the skin for a flawless finish. 

After very recently purchasing the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush, I have been loving wearing it as part of my everyday makeup look. It just looks so natural!

As I was going out, I did a cat eye and paired it with a simple pink lipstick. Here I am using the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink. 

Products used
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation With Comfort Serum in Ivory
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Fair
The Body Shop Instablur Primer
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in 
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush in Cherub
Nº7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Good Earth
Nº7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf
Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink
Soap & Glory Thick And Fast Mascara in Black

Brushes used
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Daniel Sandler

So after hearing Estée (from EssieButton) rave about the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blushers for absolutely ages, I have finally caved and bought one. I decided whilst I was feeling spendy, that I would treat myself to a lipstick too! So here are my first impressions!

I have the watercolour fluid blusher in the shade Cherub which retails at £15.50. 
 It gives the perfect flush of colour and looks ridiculously natural! I have only had it two minutes but I can't see myself not using it! It's also so fun to use! I simply squeeze a bit of the blush onto the back of my hand and use my fingers to apply it to the apples of my cheeks. Perfect!

I never, ever used to wear blush, but over the last few years I have been experimenting with wearing it. Up to now I have been a powder blush kinda gal, but introducing this into my makeup collection has completely changed the way I feel about blush.

It has an oil free, silicone based formula which means it is water resistant and therefore lasts absolutely ages on the skin!

I chose to buy the Luxury Matte Lipstick in the shade Casablanca (retailing at £13.25). I absolutely love matte lipsticks so I have been dying to try this! 
Looking at it, you would not think that it is a matte lipstick as it looks so creamy and hydrating. Once applied it has a matte finish but feels so nourishing and glossy on the lips. 

The colour, casablanca, will make you feel like a hollywood movie star. It just looks so classy and timeless. 

This is what I class as a nighttime lipstick, but to wear during the day, I have paired it with a black statement coat and bag for a truly autumnal look. 

Have you tried either of these? What were your thoughts? 
Would love to know! 

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

10 Things I've Leant From Beauty Bloggers

Since discovering YouTube and the blogging community, I have learnt a few handy pieces of knowledge that have been a godsend.

The genius that is Caroline Hirons put me onto this and I have never looked back since. 
If you are wearing makeup or SPF (which for most is 99% of the time) you need to double cleanse! Once with an oil based cleanser (such as an oil or a balm) and once with a water based cleanser (such as a milk or a gel). Together they target both oil based dirt and water based dirt. If you only cleanse once, you are only getting rid of one lot of dirt. Simple as.

2. Makeup brushes are a girls best friend.
Before I discovered blogs I applied my foundation either with my hands or one of those silly makeup sponges which did an absolutely terrible job. Thankfully blogs introduced me to brands like Real Techniques and I've been best friends with my Expert Face Brush ever since!

3. Price doesn't always equal performance.
Are high-end beauty products worth more because they have 'better' formulas?
To put it bluntly - no.
Many high-end companies own our drugstore/highstreet favourites and are even using the same or similar formulas! They aim to create near identical products for different target markets. 
For example - The people that make products for Elizabeth Arden also make products for Rimmel!

4. Always moisturise. Even if you have oily skin.
Now this tip does't apply to me anymore as my skin is now combination. But moisturising doesn't make your skin even oiler. It helps protect it! People who have oily skin have over-active oil glands. Cleansing and toning takes off this oily layer but when the skin isn’t moisturised, it feels dry and deprived of oil and therefore produces more oil. 

5. Using hair conditioner to shave your legs.
Want soft legs? Use conditioner instead of shaving cream/soap. It conditions your legs and leaves them smooth and beautiful!
I have even had a few people ask me if I'm wearing tights. When I wasn't! Highly recommend this tip!

6. Super long lashes.
To make your eyelashes look as long as a piece of sting use this very simple trick!
Use the hairdryer to heat your eyelash curlers (only metal ones not plastic!!!) and then try curling your lashes. 
Notice a difference? You're welcome.

7. How to make your manicure last.
Now I'm not going to go into detail as I dedicated an entire post to it here (which is my most popular post ever!). 
Before, my nails never seemed to last longer than a day (two if I was lucky). Now they last longer than a week before they start to chip! Amen for the internet!

8. DIY brow groomer.
Not able to stretch your budget but in need of something to tame those troublesome brows? Save the wand from an old mascara, rinse it clean and voila! You are now the owner of a brow groomer!

9. Apply foundation everywhere. No really. Everywhere. 
Seriously, it’s not just for your face. You probably already know to blend foundation past your jawline and onto the neck (if you don't, you do now!) but have you ever though about putting it on your arms and legs? I mix a little with my body moisturiser whenever I wear a skirt/dress. Try it! You'll be amazed.  

10. Always pat your concealer. Never rub.
When I was younger, I used to layer tons of concealer to cover my spots. The truth is tapping in it leaves your face looking much more flawless and natural.

Got any tips of your own? Leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shaving Your Head?

My beautiful cousin Amy is shaving her hair to raise support for Cancer Research UK. 
 It would mean the absolute world if you donated or even if you tweeted/shared the link telling others about the amazing thing she is doing!

Amy is on the left obviously. (please ignore my makeup-less face and my windswept hair)

Donated? Tweet me and I will message you personally! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lonely In Leeds

One of my worst nightmares is going into Leeds City Centre (or any busy place for that matter) by myself. And seeing as though I will be starting University in Leeds in September, I thought it was about time to overcome my fear as I am going to have to do it more often. 
So why the fear I hear you ask?
Now, if you don't already know, I am a really anxious person. 
I always think that people who walk to closely to me are going to try and steal my bag or whip out a knife and stab me, even though I know the odds of this are fairly low. However the odds our still there, and I can't help being cautious. 

I decided to go early on Thursday morning, as logic told me this would be the least busy time to go. And thankfully it was! (I didn't even have to queue in Primark so you can see how early it was!).

I enjoyed a little mooch around all the shops, did some window shopping in Victoria Quarter (home to Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Ted Baker and Whistles.. etc.), spent a little too much money (thankfully avoiding the Clinique counter or all hell would have broken loose) and then met up with my mum for lunch at Nandos! 

What have you all been up to this week? Would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Few Recent Buys

So, before I begin living the student lifestyle surviving on only pot noodles and cereal, I though I'd plan ahead and buy a few backup products for when I run out and can't afford to buy any more. 
Nearly all of the products featured are repurchases, however the post includes a few newbies that caught my eye. 

I have had this brush for years and it is finally on its last legs. So a hunt for another the same was on! I bought my original one from Boots about 7 years ago but they have seemed to stop selling them. But being a makeup hoarder I found myself on the Superdrug website and I stumbled across my replacement!
This brush is amazing for those with thick hair (like me) as its bristles are designed to hold heat whilst you are drying your hair in order to reduce drying time - something I am grateful for when I have overslept.

Yet another repurchase, but how can I not? Its an amazing concealer and great value for money too! It has two different shades and a translucent setting powder, all in a small little compact. Brilliant!

So I feel every beauty blogger in existence has been going on about this, so you can understand me wanting to see what all the hype was about. I picked it up on a recent 3 for 2 offer and with my student discount it was an absolute steal. I immediately tried it out and was amazed by the results. It really does blur! I might have to write a little review soon ;) 

New New New New New. I am a long time lover of Sally Hansen! I have been using her cuticle cream for ages, but I have never thought about buying her nail polishes before, until now! 
I walked past her stand in Boots, and this colour immediately caught my eye! As soon as I got home I realised why I loved the colour so much, and that is because it is the exact same as the Maybelline Colour Show in Urban Coral.  

I was sent a sample of this when it was first released and I'm surprised it has taken me this long to buy the full size product! I love the really light formula it gives, but that doesn't take away the fact that it still has good coverage! 

Seen as Soap & Glory was on offer in Boots (hence the load of products),I thought I'd plan ahead and wait for my mascara to run out. I love this stuff! It makes my lashes look amazing to the point where people have asked me if I am wearing falsies! I just looks so natural! A must repurchase. 

Again a repurchase. This is an absolute miracle working for my skin. I have a lot of scars on my face that I used to find a nightmare to get rid of. But this has really help! My scars are a lot less visible now and I will continue to repurchase for years to come. Probably.

I've seen the notebook version of this floating around the blogging community for quite some time and I have been wondering where I could get my hands on it. I recently went into Paperchase for a new journal and spotted the notebook and then I saw that they did a journal version too! £14 later and it was mine! 

What have you been buying recently?
Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

(P.S- I am hoping to do a Q&A post, so can you leave me some questions to answer in the near future!)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Top 5 - Perfumes

If anyone has ever asked me whether I have a top five perfumes, my go to answer is always “oh, there is no way I could only pick five”. But this has changed over the last year or so and I do feel that I can now quite easily pick out some of my all-time favourites from the many bottles that sit neatly on my dressing table (scattered untidily around my bedroom).

So without further ado, my top 5 perfumes (in no particular order) are:

1. Marc Jacobs - Daisy (£69.50)
Featuring top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and red grapefruit, this perfume is the height of sophistication. It has such a fresh scent and is perfect in the summer!
Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging! 

This is the perfume I tend to wear on a more everyday basis due to the fact it is way more purse friendly than the others on this list. 
This refreshing fragrance has a fresh floral note and is a captivating fragrance that refreshes and uplifts.

3. Diesel - Fuel For Life (£97)
You probably can't tell from the photo but my bottle is just about empty. I have the 30ml size bottle - I can't justify spending that amount of money on a single product. 

4. Clinique - Happy (£54)
We all know this is my top favourite (if you don't, where have you been?) and I would bathe in the stuff if I could afford it. 
I have never found a smell as great as this! It is a very light, fresh scent with citrus and floral undertones which lasts a long time on the skin. 

5. Chanel - Chance (£78.50)
Now this perfume is fairly different to the others on this list. All the others are really girly and feminine, but this one is the complete opposite! I would describe it as an slightly older scent.
It is still described as being a floral fragrance, however its not a typical floral. But the staying power is incredible! 

(prices per 100ml)

What is your favourite fragrance? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Favourites

Hello there! Guess what?

Its that time of the month again! (Eww no.. the other time), so grab a cup of tea, take a seat and let me talk about all the things I have been loving throughout the month of August.

Bath and body

I love lush! I mean, who does't?! But you have to admit that it's something you never really tend to buy for yourself. But having had my birthday fairly recently, I have plenty to talk about with you!

Aswell as some loose bits and bats, I was given this lovely 'Rosie' gift set (I'm sorry I can't seem to find a link for this box - maybe try having a look in store). 

I often find the gift sets a great way to try out new products that you may not have necessarily picked up yourself. 

This particular gift box contains 4 products - 2 bubble bars, 1 bath bomb and a body conditioner. 

(from top left going clockwise)

First up don't make the mistake that I did and use it as a normal body butter (Read the instructions first!). The product specifically says to apply it to damp skin in the shower and wash it off. This made the product for me as I hate the whole process of waiting around for body butters and whatnot to sink in so you can get on with your day. 
This product contains argan oil, various nut oils and butters (such as shea and cocoa) which help leave your skin as smooth my Dad's dance moves. 
I tend to leave this product on the skin for a few minutes before washing off to ensure all the goodness has time to get to work and sink into my skin. The smell of this product is beautiful and lingers on the skin for quite some time after showering. It has a slight nutty smell - showing the high quality ingredients that go into all Lush products. I personally like this smell, but please go give it a sniff before you bin it off as a bad product.

Oh my goodness. The smell! Words cannot describe how good this smells! Now every blogger knows how hard it is to describe scents but here we go.. It has a very strong rose scent (so I can understand if people don't like this product for that reason) mixed with citrusy undertones. 
Now you may think I am exaggerating when I say my bath was FULL of bubbles. But no word of a lie. It was like being in one of those films where someone accidentally puts too much washing powder in a washing and they fill the room (I digress). I used half the bar in my bath and this was enough to create plenty of bubbles (you can use the whole bar but I like to savour the products for a long as possible). 

Product 3 - Rose Jam Bubble Bar
Although I am not a Lush newbie, I haven't until recently tried a 'bubble bar'. This being the first, was one to set the bar for the other thousands of bubble bars out there. 
Again, this product is rose scented so approach with caution. But I find these scents to be spa-like and pampering.
Unlike product 4, this bubble bar leaves your skin feeling and looking like heaven! It is made with coconut oil and shea butter so is extra nourishing and is a treat to pamper the skin. 

For some strange reason I neglected to read the description before 'chucking' it into my bath. So you can imagine my face when I discovered lots of lovely flower petals floating in my bath water. I was blown away. It also left the water a lovely shade of pink which I was very pleased with. 

The only bad thing about thing bath bomb is that, unlike others I've previously tried, it didn't leave my skin very nourished. Now I'm not saying that it was a bad product, au contraire. It was very pleasant to use. It just didn't hydrate and pamper my skin. 

All in all, I probably wouldn't rush straight out to buy another, however, if I did repurchase it - I would use it alongside a bath oil of some kind to ensure my skin was kept pampered. 


Now I feel that everybody who says that they love makeup must own at least 1 M.A.C product. I own 2. So I clearly fit into that category. 
I don't feel the need to use 'premium' branded makeup when you can get drugstore products that can give the same results, if not better. 
I bought this lipstick to wear to my sixth form leaver's ball, and I received so many compliments!
Its is from the 'amplified' range of lipsticks. The name (red balloon) suggests that the lipstick is a typical red shade. However, it is a lovely bright fuchsia colour with red undertones. 
I use the lipstick with the Clinique lip liner in 'Perfect Warmth' - which I believe is now discontinued *cries*. On the night of my leaver's ball, I wore the lipstick for 7 hours and it needed only 1 touchup after eating. So I'll say that the lipstick has good staying power. 
I felt the lipstick was creamy, hydrating and was opaque in one coat. For best results, I recommend using a lip brush in order to really work the lipstick into your lips in order to achieve maximum staying power. 

If M.A.C is not in your budget - Revlon's 'Fuchsia Shock' is a good dupe!


In June 2013, I stumbled across a little singer-songwriter called Josh Record (yes that is his real name!). Over the last few months, I have watched him grow as a musician and sell out his own shows all around the world. 
In July of this year, he released his debut album - Pillars
I had been waiting weeks for it to be released! And since receiving the CD version in the post I haven't stopped listening! 

I was incredibly lucky to get my hands on a signed copy! And this album has immediately worked its way to the top of my favourite albums in history list. 

My favourite song is 'pictures in the dark'. 

What have you been enjoying this month?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x
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