Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December Favourites

Now this monthly favourites post is rather special (well as special as a monthly favourites post can be), as many of these products I have used daily for the entire year. So it's sort of a yearly favourites AND monthly favourites combined. 

What I have been loving.. 

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush
This really is a multitask brush! I use it for everything - powder, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, THE LOT!
The reason it's so great for everything is it's denser bristles. This means that it gives buildable coverage, meaning for all you less light-handed ladies, you won't end up looking like an ummpa-lumpa. Giving you a beautiful finish to your makeup.

Clinique Perfume Rollerball - Happy

Now do I need to tell you about this perfume again? We all know it has been in several posts before (here and here at least!). However this little rollerball is perfect for slipping into my clutch bag for those numerous events over the festive period.
I have had this for sometime as I received it in a set last Christmas, and it is close to running out now and I am unable to find it to buy alone. 

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo

This is a love/hate product amongst the blogging community. I myself am a lover and as December is a 'festive' month I have found myself reaching for it more and more. 
I only really wear this on nights out and the odd formal occasion as it is perfect fot the classic red lip look. It is certainly a colour you would steer clear of during the day. It is a true matte lipstick and for those with dryer lips, a proper lip care routine is vital before attempting to wear this (exfoliation and lip balm). 

Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush

This lovely brush happens to be my favourite eyeshadow brush. Hence it being in my favourites post. It is part of the travel essentials kit. Forget the travel, its one of my life's essentials! It is however, impossible to buy on its own. But for those wanting to try it out without buying the kit, the Shading Brush is very similar, just a tad smaller. 
It is the perfect size and shape and great for an all round job - both all over colour and crease work! Occasionally I even use it to blend my under eye concealer. Its a great multi-tasker. 

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner - Black Glamour
Before trying this, I used to use a Barry M liquid liner which was absolutely dreadful but I kept re-buying it anyway. But after trying this a couple of years ago, I have almost 'perfected' the cat eye flick. 
No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio - Good Earth
Now this is an oldie for me! For years I have used the matte brown shade to fill in my eyebrows. But only recently have I begun using the other shades in the palette. I use the shimmery white shade to highlight under my brow bone for added definition.  But most recently I have been using the shimmer brown through my crease paired with 'Vanilla' all over the lid from Soap & Glory's lid stuff range.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - Superjet Black
This is my all time favourite mascara! Its great for giving you fuller, longer and natural looking lashes. This mascara didn't make my eyelashes clumpy or stick together in ways you don't want, and despite being warned of it's drying time, I found it set on my lashes fairly quickly! 

Fearne Cotton Nail Polish - Golden Touch (Christmas Limited Edition)
This is the ultimate rose gold nail polish. When I was around 10 I had one similar that I thought was the 'bees knees'. As soon as December started I would have it painted on my toe nails religiously until the 1st of January. One November I went to repurchase it and found it discontinued. You can imagine how my poor heart was broken. But a few years ago I found this little gem which has taken its place for the years 

What have you been enjoying this month?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lust List

I'm sure we all have those expensive products that we just long to try or own. 
Seen as Christmas is extremely close now, I thought I'd share with you the products that would be on my list to Santa!

NARS 413 BLKR Blush
I am a huge fan of berry toned blushers and this is one I hope to own at some point in my life!

NARS Audacious Lipstick - Charlotte
I first saw this when it was realised in America months ago, I will splurge and buy it if and when it comes to the UK!
It is a truly beautiful colour and it also happens to be called Charlotte!

Estée Lauder Daywear BB Cream
I have been loving wearing BB creams recently and then using foundation only in areas where the BB cream does not provide enough coverage. I love the effect that doing this gives! It looks way more natural. 

Benefit Dandelion Blush
This is the perfect colour blush! I am currently using one extremely similar which is now discontinued. 

Illamasqua Generation Q Eye Palette - Complement
*Swoon* Illamasqua are known for their out there products that are often used in photography. I once assisted on a shoot and the makeup artist had a suitcase jam packed with various Illamasqua cosmetics. I have wanted this ever since!

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick - Fougueuse
I am a sucker for sleek, timeless packaging and this one lives up to that. Just look at it! 

What high-end products are you currently lusting after?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good Christmas!

Love Charlotte x

(P.S - So sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, my laptop broke and then my phone went crazy and possessed… meaning I had next to no access to the internet and when I did, my work came before my blog. I have my laptop back now so that means there should be a few more posts on the way!)

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Trip To The German Christmas Market

Hello my lovelies! So some of my friends from university and I recently took a little trip to the German Christmas Market in Leeds. And granted, it wasn't as good it was made out to be, but we managed to have a good time! We browsed the stalls, ate delicious food and just enjoyed being in each others company!

Thumbs up for the great English weather!
Here are my friends! - Sarah and Fern
Fern was so impressed with her cheetos that she insisted we have a photo with them

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x
(plus a big thank you to Sarah who took most of these lovely photos on her camera)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How To: Winter Skin Remedies

If your skin is anything like how mine used to be, it becomes really dry and dehydrated in the winter. However I am here to help you (and your skin) by telling you how to prevent it from drying out!

Facial Scrub
A facial scrub is a must during winter. Infact all year round for that matter. 
Facial scrubs help remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime from pores. They are great at resurfacing the skin in order to allow other products to be properly absorbed into the skin. This will mean that your skin can receive the pampering it needs at this time of year. 

One of my long time favourites is the Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub. It doubles up as a mask and really helps exfoliate your face! 

Acid Toner
I understand if this is a completely new thing for you. As it is something I have only recently discovered myself. 
I have mentioned these pads before on previous posts and they have become a staple in my everyday skincare routine. 
Acid toners are another form of exfoliation and they help to even out the skin in the same way a scrub is designed to do. 

Hydrating Toner

I used to have no idea that there were different types of toner. But thanks to Caroline Hirons, I feel as though I am some kind of skincare expert (even though I'm far from it!) and this little bottle has made it's way into my skincare collection!
It is great to add as much moisture into your routine as possible and as long as your skin is still lapping it up, you can keep throwing more hydration at it! Hydration is a must during the colder months as it helps protect your skin from the harsh conditions the winter presents. 

I must admit, serums are the thing I often skip. But I always regret it when it gets to the time to put my makeup on. They help your moisturiser absorb into the deeper layers of your skin. So are great if your skin is really dehydrated and in need of extra moisture. And like I said, as long as your skin is still lapping it up, keep going. 
I am currently using The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum, but I'm on the hunt for a replacement as it is rather expensive for what you get and I'm sure there are better ones out there. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

Rich Moisturiser
I am so glad I have discovered First Aid Beauty (FAB) as their Ultra Repair Cream is an absolute saviour!
It is super thick and can also double up as an eye cream and lip cream when you're in a rush. 
I love that it has oatmeal in it which helps soothe the skin and help it through the harsh winter weather. 

Lip balm

You can't forget about your lips during the cold months. Harsh weather dries them out and there is nothing worse than scaly lips - especially when you try applying a lip colour on top! 
In order to avoid this rather unattractive look, you should use a lip scrub (Lush make nice ones) or an old dry toothbrush to brush your lips. This will help get rid of dead skin cells and leave your lips lovely and smooth. Follow up with a lip balm (I love Vaseline or Body Shop lip balms) and you're good to go!

Got any tips to keep your skin looking great over winter? Share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Prime Time

Primers. Fairly old news for makeup artists and professionals, but a new and exciting cult product for everyone else. 

Being a student, I find that I wear makeup regularly for long periods of time. I apply it at 7am and it often has to last nearly 12 hours with minimal touching up.
Now I don't know about you, but when I get home I often look in the mirror and think "how long have I looked this bad?" as I look at the mascara dotted under my eyes, concealer and foundation sliding off my face and my t-zone being so shiny I could see myself in it. 
Eventually I got fed up. 

I had heard amazing reviews on The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and decided to try it. 

Now, I don’t worry about visible pores or oily skin but recently I’ve noticed that my nose has been getting rather shiny and I thought the mattifying aspect of this would help.
It really helped smooth out the skin surface and made my makeup last considerably longer than it did before.
I wouldn't wear this over my entire face as my combination skin would then look dry in some places, but instead I apply it on my t-zone.

The YouTube and blogging community went crazy over this when it was released, and at first I didn't believe the hype. But eventually caved into buying it. Initially I was shocked by the price. I mean £14 for a tiny tube? Tad expensive. But on a summer 3 for 2 and with my student discount it worked out considerably cheaper. 

The first time I used this I was so surprised with the texture! It looked so lumpy, but I applied it anyway and was amazed! It was literally blurring my skin. I was so impressed! 
It balances the oils out on the face, giving a semi-matte finish so, for me, is highly preferable to the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which gives a matte finish. 

What primers do you recommend? 

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Beauty Blunders #2

I'm a massive fan of Soap & Glory full stop. However their makeup range is really great quality, and their Kick Ass Concealer, Thick And Fast Mascara and Glow All Out Luminizing Powder feature in my daily makeup regime. When I saw their Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick in Apricot Jam, I thought I was going to love it too. I've always wanted to buy one of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks but, I just didn't think I'd use it enough to warrant the splurge. 

And I am so glad I didn't! 
Although it looks truly beautiful, when the colours are swirled together and applied on the cheeks it makes me look like I haven't had a bath in 4 months. It just made me look dirty. Even without using the copper shade, the product just didn't look right on me. My skin tone is more suited to berry shades and I know not to experiment in that department from here on out.
I also found that the blush didn't blend well and looked far from natural on my cheeks. 

Although I am disappointed at the fact I had pretty much wasted £11, I am so glad I didn't shell out to buy the Bobbi Brown one at nearly £35!
To make use of the product, in hope I hadn't wasted all my money, I have been using the copper colour as an eyeshadow through my crease and the palest colour to highlight the inner corners of my eye. 

I have heard some good reviews on this, yet I was highly disappointed. Have you tried this? Do you like it or is it just me being cynical?

Thanks for reading! 

Love Charlotte x
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